Gavin Stenhouse


Edward Keene in Akinbalu

  • 2010
  • TV Mini-Series

Akinabalu is a Malaysian 'Band Of Brothers' style epic about a group of British soldiers in Sandakan - the now infamous East Malasyian prisoner of war camp - and the struggle of the local supporters ready to give their lives to help those imprisoned.

Gavin plays Edward Keene, a British engineer living in the Jungle of East Malaysia during World War II. Growing increasingly accustomed to the local way of life he falls in love with a local village chief's daughter, Berida (Dira Abu Zahar). As the invasion progresses Edward struggles to balance the high stakes of protecting his anonymity from the Japanese forces - keeping all he holds dear safe, with being the only man able to organise the aid being smuggled into Sandakan for the detained Allied forces.

Company Filmscape Sdn Bhd
Director Kabir Bhatia
Producer Frank Lewis